Why You Need a Roadworthy Certificate in North Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast

You have been thinking about selling your old car or motorcycle, and are to start seeking offers with a newspaper ad or online classified. The question is, do you have a roadworthy certificate for the vehicle you are looking to sell? If not, then hold on a second before you start trying to solicit offers to buy your car. In Queensland, you are legally required to display a roadworthy certificate in a visible spot in your vehicle -a windscreen or window for instance- starting the moment you are officially offering the vehicle for sale. Failure to comply with this law can result in a $550 fine and a lot of trouble you simply don’t want to go through.

Introducing Safety Cert Qld

The good news is Safety Cert Qld makes getting your roadworthy certificate in Brisbane as easy as making a phone call! When you decide you want to sell your car, just give us a call. It you are located within our business service radius—we serve most of the greater Brisbane area, including suburbs and outlying communities—then we will be able to dispatch a mobile service inspector to your location on the same day. Whether the vehicle you are hoping to sell is at your home, parked outside of your workplace or stored in a garage somewhere, we at Safety Cert Qld will come to you, perform the necessary safety inspection and it all is well furnish you with a roadworthy certificate.

The Importance of a Roadworthy Certificate on the Sunshine Coast or in Brisbane

What does a safety inspection entail when it comes to getting a roadworthy certificate in North Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast? Our examiners will look at your suspension, your breaks, your tyres, your steering mechanism and more. The basic goal of a roadworthy examination is to make sure the car is safe to operate on public roads, so we will look for any problems with the car—including broken parts, deferred maintenance, and other details—in order to spot anything that might impair the vehicle’s safety.

Often, auto owners are irritated and frustrated to learn that they need a special certificate just to put their car up for sale. At Safety Cert Qld, we try to minimise this frustration, not just with our convenient same-day service and mobile inspection policies, but also by simply educating drivers about the importance of these checks. you have ever bought a used vehicle, you can bet that it had a roadworthy certificate verify its safety. This certificate protects you as the buyer and gives you peace of mind in knowing that you aren’t buying a ticking time bomb with a slew of potentially dangerous maintenance issues. When you sell a vehicle, its only fair to provide your buyers with the same protection and peace of mind.

So call us at Safety Cert Qld today, and get your roadworthy certificate on the Sunshine Coast or in North Brisbane. We will get the job done quickly and with minimal hassle to you, and afterwards, you will be able to sell your vehicle without having to worry about getting fines from the government or putting your buyers at risk! We can be reached online at www.safetycertqld.com.au, or over the phone at 0400 088 788 (Brisbane) or 0459 266 388 (Sunshine Coast).